Small/medium size businesses

An Inclusive Solution

Small/medium size businesses who are looking for a total compliance solution can benefit from the total Citation Compliance experience, guaranteed advantages such as:

  • Define regulatory applicability at the site level through “yes or no” questions

  • Support in achieving ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 Certification through the creation of a high quality Regulatory Register

  • Streamlined operations by tracking EH&S changes efficiently

  • Receive alerts identifying new, revised, or repealed regulations

  • Easily identify actions required to achieve compliance

  • Build site-specific tasks with specific owners, due dates, descriptions, and evidence records

  • Generate reports showing high-level legal requirements and tasks for achieving compliance

  • Track changes in applicable environmental, health, and safety regulations that link to on-site tasks

  • Define applicability and track regulatory changes

  • Schedule compliance tasks and make them part of every day operations

  • Collect data for compliance audits

  • Identify outstanding compliance tasks